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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 2, 2012 12:00am-12:30am CDT

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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if paula ebert had her way she would help her child. deoxyribonucleic acid. he knew that. [ male announcer ] with everything. go! goooo! no. no no no no no. mommy's here [ male announcer ] but that kind of love is...frowned upon. so instead she gives him new capri sun super-v. so he gets more of what he needs... without all the "her" he doesn't think he needs. with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. new capri sun super-v. >> you are watching wgn news at 9:00. >> president obama in chicago raising big bucks for his reelection campaign very
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headlining three fund-raisers. good evening. our top stories around the country today on wgn america. the president filling his campaign coffers in chicago. we covered the gala event. >> the president made a lot of money and -- in just a little time when the mayor introduced him at the cultural center. he said, when the president arrives, the rain stops and the sun comes up. tomorrow morning the president will seek the son of looking out from his own self side window. touchdown for air force one came about 4:40 on friday afternoon and then it was downtown via marino one. the motorcade shuffled obama past crowds swaddled on the sidewalks. he arrived at the first of three fundraisers, this one for 350 supporters who paid $2,500 to
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hear messages like this. >> the nominee has achieved great personal success and he has a wonderful family. god bless him. but the vision that he has for this country, like the vision that the republicans in congress have for this country, is exactly the vision that got us into this mess in the first place. >> the event at the cultural center was the least expensive of the three. the experience was great. >> i believe in president obama and i believe in his vision for america. that america is for everyone and not just the elite. >> barack obama represents the best of america. i think that he has done his best to overcome extraordinary odds extraordinary resistance, extraordinary seven taught by the republican party. >> i think that he changed the world, being the president. i think he is a really good guy.
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>> this supporters said she will forgive the president for the major blunder earlier this week when he referred to a nazi concentration camps as polish death camps. >> we all make mistakes. i do not expect him to be perfect. i just expect him to be right most of the time. >> that is in the past now, she says. as was the cultural center for obama. the motorcade transported him to the patterson home in indiana. about 50 fine -- about $55 paid $35,000 to be there. that was the price to attend the third gala at the home of the crowns. some of the lucky ones came in contact with the hand of the president. let's it was very exciting. he was right there with me, saying do you want some? and we did it. >> tonight, the president is leaving in its -- in his own home. he said he might make and sell
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some the to eat and putter around the yard. >> thank you very much. a disappointing jobs report sank stocks today. the dow jones erasing all gains for 2012. the nasdaq down 80 points and the s&p losing 32. businesses did not do much hiring last month, casting a shadow over the economic recovery. only 69,000 jobs were added in may. that is less than half of 150,000 expected. the unemployment rate rose to 8.2% from 8.1%. the numbers for march and april were revised downward for it -- were revised downward. both obama and romney sounded off. >> the economy is growing but not as fast as we want it to grow. our businesses have created 4.3 million new jobs over the last 27 months. as we learned in today's jobs report, we are not creating them
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as fast as we want. >> the president is always quick to find someone to blame. first it was george bush and then it was congress. he always has some one. the truth is, the job of the president is to get america back to work. >> mitt romney calling the jobs numbers devastating. just five of employment reports left before the erection. one place that is hard -- that is hiring its target. one more day of a jobs fair today. the companies to hire 300 sales associates when it opens its store in madison. it will be what target calls and urban format store. to apply candidates are encouraged to go to the company's web site. the interviews are taking place at the hilton. chicago teachers have a vote to take next weekend. authorization for a strike. negotiations are not going well. the union says teachers are
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tired of being bullied belittled, and betrayed. that does not mean teachers will immediately walk off their jobs. >> a strike authorization vote is not a vote to go on strike. we want to avoid a strike. strikes are not good for anyone. not our members not our parents, and certainly not our students. >> it is premature. i have kids in school for the next two weeks. they deserve our total attention. >> last week, 5000 teachers rally downtown, voicing their support for a strike. an independent arbitrator is working on that dispute. the contract expires at the end of the month. the authorization goes till next wednesday. the governor urging lawmakers to take another crack at the system. he is john identified a compromise to solve the crisis quickly. >> really the reform of our life as far as i'm concerned,
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his pension reform. >> governor quinn emerging for the first time since the pension battle began to address the media and his government's failure. >> we are all very disappointed that we did not resolve the pension questions. >> this got really ugly the last couple of days. we have got to put that stuff aside and get this done. >> long days and late nights in the hours leading up to adjournment yielded last-minute progress on fixing the badly broken retirement system. ultimately no deal. >> i do not think we should go home. the governor should call a special session tomorrow. >> every penny going into the pension system, that is how dire this is. >> the governor's plan is to bring legislators together to broaden the framework that have on resolving the $83 billion in pension debt protecting a friend of bond rating. at least one agency already
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considers the worst in the nation during >> we are racing the clock. we must get this done as soon as possible. the rating agencies are poised to decide on our work. we must get the work done. >> while there were not able to close the deal, lawmakers managed to pass a major expansion of gambling, a bit of a blow to governor quinn, who has no intention of signing off on that. he has asked lawmakers to keep their eyes on the ball, the budget and pensions. >> big changes on the way for bus riders. they are spending $330 million to overhaul the entire bus fleet. they plan to buy 425 buses over the next two years and rebuild over 1000 older ones. >> the biggest overall since the public transportation system in the 1890's, when it was first
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created. this work is critical to keep these buses operating he efficiently, smoothly, and reliably, and to avoid millions of dollars in additional maintenance costs that would occur if we did not do this work. >> other benefits? cutting emissions and asthma- causing particles. the bosses will arrive later this year. someone stole your bicycles, tools, or flat screen tv. you might find it at the chicago police department. there are $300,000 worth of goods at that station. serving a search warrant from guns on chicago's west side two weeks ago, discovering the stolen merchandise trade you can stop by tomorrow sunday, or monday. you need to bring proof of ownership. the death of a horse in northwest indiana was not the result of a gunshot wound but blunt force trauma. until now, it was thought that the horse was shot in the head.
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however, the findings by the purdue university laboratories say a captive bolt gun was used to kill worse. the device is used in processing plants to son and kill livestock being slaughtered by holding the animal to the animal's head and pressing the trigger. that leaves investigators to think someone with experience in the meat processing field was involved. lady may z was supposed to raise the day after the horse was killed. >> a chicago man serving 24 years behind bars say more high- profile lawyers need to give up their time to help the innocent people wrongfully convicted like himself. the 46-year-old appeared on the wgn news at 5:00 and told me how a confession was beaten out of him in 1988 in connection with the arson and murder of six people on the south side four years earlier. disgrace and prison. telling reporters that he
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confessed. but that confession was never admitted in court. he is now serving a sentence in relation to a civil suit of court during suspects years ago. >> i was brutally beaten the night that they arrested me. i had a lacerated kidney. i was urinating blood for a couple of weeks afterwards. that is why the alleged statement i gave the judge said we had not even discussed it. that is how bad they had beaten me. a lot of guys who were beaten did get their confessions from out. i was so badly abused that they threw the confession out. >> he walked out of the menard center yesterday. his case was dismissed. the indications of arson were no longer used and work -- and are no longer considered admissible.
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auburn state, three high-school students arrested for pulling off a senior prank. police responded to what they call a flash mob event posted on the internet. students refused to clear the hallways. an 18-year-old is charged with disorderly pond -- disorderly conduct. the other students were released to their parents. still ahead, a woman in her eighties realize a dream today becoming an american citizen. plus the most expensive real estate in chicago. donald trump putting his penthouse on the market. and a little rain is possible but much warmer weather in our forecast. >> you are watching chicago is very on wgn news. -- very own
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>> you are watching wgn news at 9:00. >> george zimmerman is headed back to jail in florida. a judge ruled he has to turn himself over to authorities within the next two days. this decision is a victory for prosecutors. they argue he misrepresented misled and deceive the court about whether he had a u.s. passport and his family's financial situation. he is charged with killing
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trayvon martin critz zimmerman claims he shot martin in self- defense during his shift as a neighborhood watch volunteer. and jurors in the john edwards' trial provide insight into their deliberations. he was accused of using campaign donations to hide his illegitimate affair. the trial lasted more than a month and the jurors and debated for nine days. they found him not guilty on one count and were deadlocked on five other charges. the judge declared a mistrial. >> we had a motion. each day was a new day. we would start with calmness. we prayed together as a group. >> there were times it got very frustrating. the motions got high. >> edwards will have to wait and see if the justice department will retry the case. >> the woman who was in a coma and life support lived to fill in her dream of becoming a u.s. citizen. [applause] the 83-year-old took the oath at
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holy family medical center today. she almost did not get to see this day. back in march, she underwent surgery, slipped into a coma for about a month. she was put on life support and amazingly, all taken from the, in april. -- from the coma in april. she has seven children. on the third day of her coma, doctors told her family she had 24 hours to live. jim ramsey has details of warm weather coming up. his forecast is next.
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3w@%zu@s÷÷h7?/pç@? ;p,?#? uxçñxúpqpñxñófú]pkpvsó+wpo÷iáñ÷pí÷]x÷n0to
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ñxlñó?ç@@÷/÷p]@zw@o@í@ñxu÷s ó@ñ:o?çwfuxó(wo3÷?lñú:p>ó÷w?÷ow@>nógçñxy uñzío@ñçéwúu@?ñqeçñw?kónsúuñús@óú?pí@pd> yesterday is just a distant memory. only -- it is 12:30. let's talk about later today. i know, it is confusing corrine >> we have the warmest started doing in nine years. a high temperature of 65 degrees on friday. a few clouds and the skies over the city today. at the moment, partly cloudy skies. skies will be cloudy at times
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tomorrow. it is possible we could see an isolated shower, maybe a thunderstorm in a few spots. the high temperature up to 65 degrees. the cool air that settled over chicago is pushing east. the leading edge produced big storms along the mid-atlantic coast. more on that in a moment. look at these temperatures. 111 in phoenix and 107 in las vegas. both of them brand new record high temperatures for this day. we are expecting warmer air here, but not quite in this category. it is cooling off nicely all around the area. winds have been not particularly strong this evening. generally, when speed at around a 5-10 miles per hour range. the two. temperatures in the low-forties. in the suburbs, the numbers dropping. there goes the cold air as the jet stream shifts position. these warmer colors will be coming over the chicago area in the week ahead.
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a couple of days in the '70s. more 80's than anything else. we are also watching thunderstorms. a trough heading towards chicago will increase clouds on saturday. maybe a shower or thunderstorm. this particular trough reviewed -- produced a couple of tornadoes. the storms also in texas. the bigger story is out east. some 13 tornado reports coming in from pennsylvania, maryland. several spots in virginia as well. the city of canton in virginia, a number of reports of serious damage. look at this. the area outlook in north texas a possibility of severe form -- of severe storms. here is our forecast for tonight. cool breezes with a low between 45 and 51. tomorrow, we will have a sun cloud mix. again, and isolated shower is
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possible. there could be a clot of thunder. winds whistling out of the northwest at 10-18 miles per hour. tomorrow night the winds died down a bit. a later storm is possible. low temperature in the '50s. on sunday, mostly sunny skies. the winds grow stronger once again. look at those highs. 83-86 degrees. the seven-day forecast. later today, mid-'70s. 75 degrees but we warm into the '80s on sunday. monday could be stormy at times. temperatures in the low 80s. back into the '80s to round out the seven-day period. >> not a bad week. good morning. it is the highest asking price in the chicago area. donald trump is selling his penthouse for $32 million. it has quite a few, as you can
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>> the white sox begin june as they ended may, on a role for it nine wins in a row. coming back from a three-game sweep of tampa, taking care of the seattle mariners. a pair of home runs for gordon and teh sox build up a lead. followed by another blast from dunn. no. 17 and it was 4-0. seattle came back to tie the game in the eighth before teh sox finished them all.
12:29 am
a slow ground ball to short. he beat it out and the leading run scores. the streak is now at nine in a row. >> you just continue to focus on playing. not when it is going to end. you just continue to play. baseball will let you know that. you will run into somebody. anytime you get overconfident the game of baseball lets you know. >> after sweeping the padres the cubs were hoping to carry out momentum to the west coast. the cubs and giants started a weekend series by the bay. a beautiful night for baseball but not a pretty night for the cubs. castro stealing second. looking confused all night. the giants' offense was not. bottom of the third cabrera hix 1 d. it rolls all the way to the wall.


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